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Главная » 2011 » Апрель » 17 » S/S New Worlds Longest Drift! 11,541 Yrd Drift
S/S New Worlds Longest Drift! 11,541 Yrd Drift
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Просмотров: 525 | Добавил: Abbat | Рейтинг: 5.0/10
Всего комментариев: 12
hands It is simply surprising! hands
This world record difficultly or can't be won.

LOL! yeah this was pretty hard. Not too hard anymore but once u mess up the very first lap the whole entire race was finished because longer i drift, earlier i have to start in the map. I almost messed up because a noob named Predator_01 wont leave me alone and keep calling me a hacker LOL!

Yes. this is cool, but it's in PS3 and it`s made in DLS car)) Can you do it in, for example, Firestorm - the best car in standart ver. of game ??

Fuck!! I'm noob.... it's not DLS car.... fuck fuck fuuuck!!! Not baad!! Amazing drift!!!

Or it's DLS?? fuck....

its not possible to do it with other cars because turns are too sharp to take with firestorm and the straightaway road where the finishline is too narrow to drift through. and the car is from DLC pack. Ryback Javelin. But the longest drift i got with firestorm is 2757 yrds. Firestorm is a very horrible drifting car. Its mainly speed. It says under the car that its the best drifting car in the game but u cant do the same drifts u can do with this car Ryback Javelin. Me putting the video up with this car showing how much better this car is to get Firestorm drivers to get off the Firestorm because 1 its a fake drifting car. 2 its ugly. and 3 its horrible at turns. Reason why its a fake drifting car is because ur not supposed to gain such huge boost if ur drifts arent Chained correctly. Yet others hit wall, smash into other racers, etc and still get some kind of boost. If u really like drifting i strongly recommand u put ur hand on Ryback Javelin in the Deadline DLC pack :) u wont regret it

You are from USA, right?
We have guys, whos the longest drift is 3211))

I'd add that Alex-Z talks about drifting on Ryback Firestorm smile

Yes, We don't have people in clan with DLS

yep im USA smile But i recommend u guys get the DLS or wutever. With firestorm ur limited on how far u can drift in that map.

you could have more if it had not been caught skirting...what can I say - well done !!!

Well done. Best of the best drift racers... PC version is not compatible DLC...

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